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Roosterfish is ready for launch

Roosterfish Surf Company© is an original surf apparel and lifestyle brand dedicated to quality, durability and good looks since 1954. Whether adventure leads you above or below sea level, from Newport Beach, Dana Point, Jaco Beach or Myrtle Beach, Roosterfish Surf Company© invites you to experience a brand that intensifies the surfer in all of us.

We sell a vast range of products from T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, hats, surfboards and more. Roosterfish Surf Company© is the fun, friendly spot for style that’s as expressive and unique as you are! Inspired by feedback from our dedicated community, our exclusive line of surf apparel is available in a full range of sizes, because we believe fashion is for every body

No matter what we’re designing, the goal is always the same: to maximize the impact that our products have while making sure that function and design strike an undeniable balance between land and sea.

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